Monday, February 14, 2011

Whipped Cream, Love and Chicken Manure.

Just a quick note on this very busy day to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. I'm very lucky to have so much love surrounding me and I hope you do too. Everybody should.
On that note, I'm going back to shoveling chicken manure with Mark before it starts raining again. Yes, it's very romantic don't you think?
But this evening we get time to ourselves which is very very rare... so we'll try to make the most of it.

I'll leave you with some whipped and love from the birthday boy and girl.

                                                                                                          February 2011.


  1. What a combo! And I would love to have some chicken manure. It makes really good natural fertilizer.

  2. Lovely picture :). Happy Birthday and good luck with your work, it seem very difficult!

  3. such a great capture! Happy BD to them both!

  4. Mary: I wish we had more chickens... more poop!
    This just really sound odd.

    The Fairy's Apprentice and Dmarie: Thank you!