Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy But No Bees?

We have had lovely busy days around here. Spring decided to come early it seems. With temperatures in the 65-70F range and beautiful sunny days nature around us is literally exploding. I've been outside from sun up to sun down: trimming roses ( I hesitate to call what I do pruning because it sounds like I know what I'm doing and I'm not. But it works so that's ok, my roses are full of blooms by April), digging up the old strawberry patch: the plants were too old and not producing well anymore. Laying down more cardboard, manure and bone meal in the new potager. And taking care of some of the weeds because boy, they exploded too. And the mosquitoes too. A lot less fun those.
But that's too much talking when really we just tried to soak up as much "spring" as we could. Because of course bad weather will surely come back before May arrives. But in the meantime maybe you'd like a tour of the garden on this beautiful February days?

                                                                                      Brussels Sprouts.

                                                                                         Red Russian Kale.

                                                                                             Red Russian Kale.

                                                                                     Chinese Cabbage Flowers.


                                                                                          Buds In The Sunset.


Unfortunately, by Sunday, my eldest daughter was coming down with the flu. So I've put back on my doctor's suit for a few days and I'm making this several times a day. Hopefully nobody else will get it... we have 2 birthdays to celebrate this week... Now I need a cake plan.
And there is something worrisome: in spite of 3 days of these temperatures, I haven't seen any bees. None. Usually at 65-70F I see a few. I always let some plants go to seed for them so that they have food in early spring and I have a lot of them visiting on the years before... but this year nothing. 


  1. Oh please beam me straight over to your garden! Your photos are wonderful! It's hard to believe we live on the same planet...still, what you have given me is a taste of what is to come here in old Blighty! Thanks for visiting my blog

  2. lynnekovan: That would be nice: to be able to beam to other places! I bet your part of the world is much more pleasant than mine in summer though. Blisteringly hot and horribly dusty is a good way to put it. At least I hope it's more pleasant!

  3. What gorgeous photos! I love the buds in the sunset. It will be wonderful when I can look out my window to see a color other than white. :)

  4. Hello Marie Amazing shots. I love kale. I am so glad you visited my blog so I would not miss seeing your talent. I hope your daughter is better and you stay well. Good luck with the cake. B

  5. It's unbelievable how beautiful your garden is, and you really have a good eye for shooting it! Take good care of your girl, hope she will not miss the parties!

  6. Lovely Photo' your kale is amazing. Wish we could grow it that well here. Hope your daughter feels better soon.