Thursday, February 3, 2011

On My Mind.

The sun has been out for two days... time to start seed planting! Hopefully our garden this year will be as successful as last year.

                                                                                The garden in July 2010.


  1. Oh What a beautiful garden! I too hope this years garden is that successful. I too am planning to start some seeds soon.

  2. That looks so lovely. I am sick of snow.Thanks for the reminder spring is coming. B

  3. Hi Marie! I can tell you one thing for sure, I would love to walk through your summer garden. It looks so beautiful.

  4. Becky: do you have a vegetable or flower garden... or both?

    Buttons: yeah, I think by the time we get to February, everybody is getting sick of Winter.

    Hi Rhonda jean, I never get tired of looking at your garden so I'm taking this as a big compliment. You are welcome to stroll in my garden anytime.

  5. Hi, Marie! We will start planting seeds as soon as the weather will not be so freezing, last night we had -15 celsius degrees, and it was like that since 2 weeks :(.
    Is beautiful your garden, it has probably to do with your Southern France roots :).

  6. I love the littel petunias peeking out! I'm ready for spring too!!

  7. Beautiful. My thumb is not so green... I do better growing animals. ;)
    I think it will a few months yet before we'll see anything green here in the frozen Northeast, so thanks for sharing!

  8. oh, I have the same hope for ours...while not as lovely as yours, it blessed us with sooo much good food! thanks for sharing your past success--you were RICH!

  9. It looks wonderful! I'm sure this years will great also. :-)

  10. The fairiesapprentice: -15! Wow... Yes, I guess you'll have to wait a little longer for seed starting.

    Mary: I like them too but this year I'll plant someting that will attract beneficial insects a little more.

    MaineFarmGirl: I've been bugging my husband to move to Maine :). I see that you have cows and chickens... I'm going to enjoy your blog!

    Dmarie: Yes, I consider myself very rich in all areas of my life. My banker might not agree but that's ok.

    Vi: Thank you! I have high hopes for this year :)